Friday, July 31, 2009

What would Darth Vader Drive?

My seven year old son is into Star Wars in a big way. Last week he got a new Darth Vader action figure, which I noticed is sporting a silver chain around his neck. I don’t remember the Dark Lord of the Sith wearing a chain before, but I may have missed it because it’s actually a pretty tasteful, contrasting silver. Times change. I guess anyone who wears a cape these days needs some bling. Who knows, maybe Superman will be sporting a Mr. T starter set and a gold tooth in his next outing.

That leads to my question and the topic of this blog--what would Darth Vader drive? I’m sure it would be black. Something sinister like a Dodge Challenger or Cadillac Escalade. Would he put 20 inch rims on it? Pimp it out with a 1200 watt stereo and a set of flat screen TVs? Would he roll old school with a black ’69 Charger or Camaro? Or would a luxury sled like a boat tailed ’72 Buick Rivera work? Knowing the Death Star had tons of hangar space, he’d probably have all of the above and own something like a Nissan GT-R, Aston Martin DBS or Maserati GT on the high end.

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