Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beater Challenge Update - $2800 Saved

To date, I've saved $2800 driving the Cutlass. Other than oil changes, gas and the occasional car wash, I've done NOTHING to the car. It continues to provide reliable, if humble, transportation and averages 22-24 MPG.

Car nut that I am, there are tons of other cars I'd rather own. Now that spring is here and the weather makes it difficult to be indoors, I wish I owned a convertible--something with four seats like a BMW, Ford Mustang, or Saab would be nice.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Lincoln in the Lincoln Lawyer

It's funny how the mind of a car nut works. My wife and I saw "The Lincoln Lawyer" recently, which starred Matthew McConaughey. We both liked the movie, which features tight storytelling, authentic characters, and excellent cinematography.

But I loved the old school 1980s Lincoln.

I know, it's a Town Car. God's waiting room riding on four wheels. It's the kind of car you're buried in, and in fact, many of these cars were turned into hearses. As I look at the car with it's angular body, Landau roof, and acres of chrome, I picture it piloted by a septuagenarian sporting plaid pants with white shoes and a Brylcreemed comb-over.

Abe Vigoda, your car is ready...

And yet, as I watched the Lincoln roll through the streets to the sound of Bobby "Blue" Bland, I couldn't help but think it was cool.