Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Lincoln in the Lincoln Lawyer

It's funny how the mind of a car nut works. My wife and I saw "The Lincoln Lawyer" recently, which starred Matthew McConaughey. We both liked the movie, which features tight storytelling, authentic characters, and excellent cinematography.

But I loved the old school 1980s Lincoln.

I know, it's a Town Car. God's waiting room riding on four wheels. It's the kind of car you're buried in, and in fact, many of these cars were turned into hearses. As I look at the car with it's angular body, Landau roof, and acres of chrome, I picture it piloted by a septuagenarian sporting plaid pants with white shoes and a Brylcreemed comb-over.

Abe Vigoda, your car is ready...

And yet, as I watched the Lincoln roll through the streets to the sound of Bobby "Blue" Bland, I couldn't help but think it was cool.

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