Sunday, April 17, 2016

The 1964 Ford Thunderbird Fading in the Driveway

The way some people are with antiques and stray animals, I am with cars.  It bugs me to see an old car sitting parked in a driveway, untouched or driven.  Not because I mind the sight of derelict cars.  I mind when perfectly good cars aren't driven or stored away protected from the elements.

Such is the case of this 1964 Ford Thunderbird parked near my house.

This T-Bird has been sitting in the same spot for a better part of a year  It's got a wood block under the rear wheels and tape on the window from what looks like a for sale sign that was peeled off some time ago.  Weeds have sprouted under the passenger side wheels and a mix of dust, grime, and pollen covers the faded red paint.

From a distance, the car looks to be in good shape.  There appears to be little or no rust, the suspension doesn't sag, and the interior is faded but usable.  I can't speak to the motor or transmission, but if it has the big 390 V8, it's probably a new set of spark-plugs and fresh gas away from running.

The question is, who will get it running?  Or will its slow demise continue until it eventually becomes too far gone, its owner surrendering whatever dream led it to that driveway, to a tow truck driver for a final ride to the junkyard?