Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top Gear Withdrawl

I'm going through "Top Gear" withdrawl and it's worse than the Swine Flu. "Top Gear" is a show produced by the BBC about cars, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May as presenters. But it's more than a car show. Imagine the dry "Motorweek" combined with equal parts of "Monty Python" and "Jackass" and you get the picture.

The show also features epic journeys, like driving across salt plains in Africa or riding motorbikes through Vietnam. The cinematography and production values are astonishing and the humor, sidesplitting. I spend half the show with my mouth agape and the scenery and the other half on the floor rolling in hysterics.

My only complaint is the access to this show. It's on BBC America and they show reruns, six months to a year after the original air date. A few weeks ago, my DVR recorded a "new" show, but it was from 2006.

BBC has been shopping a "Top Gear America" show featuring Adam Carolla and I hope it finds a home. I realize an American version wouldn't be the same, but as Clarkson would say, "How bad can it be?" It would certainly be better than Jay Leno's new show.

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