Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toyota Gets It

Yesterday, Toyota announced it had a fix for the sudden acceleration problem that affected most of the cars in its lineup. The fix, adding a shim to the pedal assembly, is simple but effective and was quickly approved and implemented.

Yet Toyota is still being blasted in the media for not responding quick enough to the problem. I disagree. The problems began occurring less than a year ago and it took a while to determine if they were related to driver error or an actual defect. When the defect was identified, Toyota was very forthcoming about it and moved quickly to implement changes. They did not try to cover the problem up, ala Ford with their exploding Pintos. Instead they announced they were shutting down their assembly lines, implementing changes and moving forward. Everything happened very quickly, considering the number of cars potentially effected.

Kudos to Toyota for getting it right.

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