Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 10 Signs You Might Be a Car Nut

David Letterman's ratings took a beating last week when Jay Leno has bullied his way back into the late night battle. So in Dave's honor, I thought I'd come up with my own Top 10--Signs You Might Be a Car Nut:

10. When your doctor asks your blood type you reply, "30 weight non-synthetic".
9. You name one of your kids Porsche.
8. You have owned more than one car a year.
7. You suffered through the winter driving a convertible with a missing back window and no heat because you thought spring was just around the corner.
6. You can quote whole passages of you car's Chilton or Haynes shop manual from memory.
5. The sound of a V8 or V12 does the same thing to you as Viagra.
4. You are annoyed with the pretty girls at the auto show because they are blocking the view.
3. You know the differences between a Series I and Series II Jaguar E-Type because they are so obvious.
2. If you weren't married you would have a garage with a house attached, instead of the other way around.
1. You own or want a t-shirt that says, "I am the Stig."

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  1. Nice work. I think you might be ready for