Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oldsmobile Haiku

The Cutlass hit 91,000 miles recently.  In honor of of the momentous occasion, I have written a haiku:

My Oldsmobile
Ugly, cheap, reliable
It gets me places

To date I've spend $800 in repairs on the car.  Adding in the $1,400 I paid for it puts me at $2200 for seventeen months of ownership, or about $129 a month.  For comparison, that's less money than my cable TV or electric bill.

I still haven't addressed the manifold gasket, which will cost me around $900.  So far it hasn't been a problem.  I check the oil and antifreeze levels every time I buy gas.  If I were burning antifreeze, I'd either have a milky  white film in my oil or see white smoke coming out of my exhaust.  So far neither symptom has shown up, so I'll continue driving it and postpone the repair as long as possible.        

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