Wednesday, April 3, 2013

$15,000 Question Chevy Impala SS

File:2012 Chevrolet Impala -- NHTSA.jpg

Suppose I told you that for $15,000 you could have a 300 horsepower sedan complete with leather and all the trimmings.  This form of motivation comes from either a small block V8 or a smooth 24 valve V6, packaged with a large trunk and room for five.  Best of all, you can find one used with a factory certified warranty.  Too good to be true?

The answer depends on your disposition towards the Chevrolet Impala, that big bodied mainstay of fleet vehicles.  Cleanly styled, it won't be confused with a Lexus or Mercedes, though from a distance it does look like it might be cousins with the 2006-2008 Honda Accord.  It certainly isn't Quasimodo-ish like the Porsche Panamera.   And unlike the Panamera, you would not want to take it on the Nurburgring, unless you were using it as a tow vehicle for your Caterham 7.  

The Impala is a throwback, a wayback machine to transport you to a time when full sized sedans ruled Interstates of America and families drove to the Gulf of Mexico on vacation.  It is an ideal road trip car, and with 300 horses on tap, a deceptively quick one.  

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